Accounting Services

You should trust us with all the financial transactions of your business and be sure to spend more time with your company. No doubt that we will perform your finances with accuracy and transparency as if it were our own at the international level. You could find our services regarding international finance and accounting below.

  • Establishment of Accounting Records
  • Submission of State Reports
  • The establishment of financial records
  • Financial Statement Reports (Balance)
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Reports of changes in capital
  • Reports of cash flow movements
  • Organization of Bank Affairs (internal and external transfer operations)

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Human Resources

Development Line offers the full range of services for Human Resources outsourcing, including payroll, personnel documentation which are hiring, dismissing, maternity leave, sick leave and other main documents, tabular accounting, statistical reports, and employment reports. Briefly, our human resources services are

  • Establishment of personnel records and document circulation

  • Establishment of Human Resources System

  • Designing the Structure

  • Organization of document circulation between departments

  • Payroll

  • Legal advice

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  • Human Resources Audit

  • Audit of accounting records

  • Audit of warehouse records

  • Employer Brand Audit

  • IT audit

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Employer Branding

  • Discovery of the Employer Brand

  • Analysis, Understanding, and Establishment of Employer Brand 

  • Applying the new employer brand

  • Employer Brand Communication

  • TalentsBus (Employer Brand Audit)

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  • Tax Optimization
  • Tax Consulting 

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  • Registration of companies and individual entrepreneurship subjects
  • Expertise of contracts
  • Migration service
  • Legal Consulting
  • Attorney services

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  • Organization of Customs affairs
  • Documentation of Customs affairs



  • Registration of Non-Governmental Organizations in Azerbaijan
  • Documentations (Manager Appointments)
  • Establishment of finance and accounting records
  • Preparation of reports